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  • Zero Defect Manufacturing Cell

    Flexible cell in which different technologies can be tested, all of them aimed at product inspection: • Metrology and structural integrity (defects inspection) by means of 2D and 3D optical techniques • Inspection by non-destructive methods (NDT) analyzing magnetic properties • Programming, incorporation, adaptation of automations and robotics to the inspection and measurement process This cell allows inspecting, by means of artificial vision techniques and NDT, the data of the dimensions and structural integrity of the pieces produced under a given process. It also allows the in-line inspection of the parts, ensuring the concept of zero-defects, reducing rejection and increasing productivity. This cell has the ability to test and incorporate robots and industrial automation to provide the inspection with the necessary flexibility. For this, there are 2 Fanuc robots of different sizes and capacities. Concerning to the inspection itself, telecentric optics of different sizes are available for the inspection of high precision 2D and, several laser scanners for a 3D metrology as well. Regarding the NDT, several own systems of measurement of magnetic properties are available for the detection of grinding fires and the creation of hardness map of the product. Due to the demands of different types of inspection, in addition to the traditional approach of traditional robotics of accurate positioning (dimensional inspection), it is also necessary to contemplate tasks where contact force control is required (inspection with non-destructive sensors requires an accurate palpation). For that, these robots have force sensors that allow seeing what efforts the robot is making during a contact between the robot and the surface. In summary, it offers companies a flexible cell with the capacity to characterize a product with 2 main objectives: • A detailed report of the product that the client wants to characterize (metrological dimensions, defects, hardness map). • Test and validate technologies in which the client may be interested. This cell is enough versatile to test different configurations and study the feasibility of a particular technology. This characteristic of versatility allows configuring the process with the required stations, as well as the technology to be used in each station.


    • Eddy Current portable equipment from GE Inspection Technologies – 2D Vector with different test probes
    • Industrial robot Fanuc LRmate200iB with a 6-axis force/torque sensor
    • Industrial robot Fanuc M10iA/12 with a 6-axis force/torque sensor
    • Industrial vision: several cameras, optics (also telecentric), and 3D laser scanners
    • System for measuring steel magnetic and mechanical properties and detection of grinding fires for components

    Fields of application

    Quality control with robots


    Inspection/measurement using NDT and 2D/3D optical techniques

    Demonstrator/showroom, evaluate technologies, analyze technical feasibility, robotic inspection/measurement with vision techniques and NDT. Regarding optical techniques, the inspection would be: - High precision 2D and 3D metrology. - Inspection of surface defects (cracks, burrs, lack of material, etc.). Regarding NDT, the inspection would be: - Measurement of magnetic properties at different frequencies. - Measurements of magnetic induction in different levels of magnetic field H to verify that certain steels meet standards.


    Contact person:
    Diego Borro Yágüez