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  • Unit of functionalization and surface treatments using ultrashort pulse lasers and interference

    The equipment of the unit of laser surface functionalisation comprises two lasers that gives a joint service of ultra precise surface processes with femtosecond lasers: 1. A Coherent Libra HE laser integrated into a 3-axis machining station. It can deliver ultrashort pulses of wavelength 800nm, 400nm and 266nm. 2. A Satsuma Amplitude laser integrated in a 3-axis station and scanner, for a total of 5 axes. It can deliver ultrashort pulses of 1030nm and 515nm. Three different beam management systems are available to send the laser to the sample with the desired conditions: 1. A system based on XYZ tables with interchangeable microscope lenses. 2. A galvanometric system specially adapted for ultra-fast lasers. 3. A multi-beam interference system to define geometries smaller than the wavelength. The unit is placed in a clean environment compatible with clean room microelectronic processes. In addition, the unit has the ability to perform laser processes in controlled atmospheres of inert gases.


    • Laser Amplitude Satsuma
    • Laser interference patterns generation system
    • Laser Libra HE
    • Micromachinig station: 3 axis
    • Micromachining station: 5 axiws and beam manangement system


    Deposition of thin and thick films by PVD, CVD and laser..

    Deposit of thin / thick films on substrates in order to alter the surface properties or generate new properties. The laser provides an additional activating process on the deposited film. Energy storage (batteries),

    Development of surface structuring processes (tens of nanometers to microns)

    Physical recording of surface topologies with very high precision for tribological, decorative applications, inserts in injection molds, energy storage, metrology

    Generation of embedded microsensors

    Generation of transducer structures on the surface of metal parts. For example, diffraction gratings as a thermal sensor that can be interrogated remotely

    Processes of micro-machining and micro-cutting with very high precision with femtosecond lasers

    Cutting of thin sheets of metals and plastics up to 1mm thick with exceptional precision and arbitrary geometry.


    Contact person:
    Yago Olaizola Izquierdo