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Unit for the determination of absolute molecular weights and molecular structures of complex polymer systems


The set of liquid chromatography available to POLYMAT presents a combination of detectors and separation systems that make it unique. This equipment allows to determine not only the absolute molecular weight but also the radius of gyration and the hydrodynamic radius at each time/volume of elution. In addition, it allows the determination of molecular weights in a very wide range: from low molecular weight polymers to polymers of extremely high molecular weights (up to 10^9 Da). It also allows to characterize not only linear polymers but also cross-linked polymers and with complex architecture.


Liquid chromatography equipment '' Assymetric Flow Field-Flow Fractionation' (AF4) +

Asymmetric Flow Field Flow Fractionation (AF4, Eclipse, Wyatt) FFF is a fractionation technique in which molecular weights and particle sizes can be measured. The Eclipse AF4 supports the fritless AF4 channel which prevents the difficulties encountered by certain samples prone to aggregation at the relatively high concentrations typical of the AF4 focusing step. It also supports the semi-preparative channel. The separation is achieved with no stationary phase, solely by flow in an open channel where a perpendicular field is applied. The main advantage of the AF4 compared to a conventional SEC is the lack of stationary phase. The limitations and problems present in the SEC, such as characterization of branched/cross-linked polymers or the enthalpic interaction between the stationary phase and the polymer chains are avoided. Aqueous solutions and THF can be used as the carrier fluid.

Multi Angle Light Scattering detector (DAWN Heleos II, Wyatt) +

Wyatt-en Dawn Heleos II-k argi angeluarraren distirazio-detektagailua (MALS) masa molararen karakterizazio absolutua eta makromolekulen eta nanopartikulen soluzioaren tamaina oso bat da. Detektagailu hau HPLC, GPC, FPLC edo FFF bereizketarako sistema gehienetara konektatzen da, makromolekulen eta nanopartikulen molekula absolutua, tamaina eta konformazioa zehazteko, konponbidean, erreferentzi kalibratzeko estandarik gabe.

Refractive index detector (RI) Optilab T-REX +

The Optilab T-rEX (refractometer with EXtended range) is a unique dRI detector for standard HPLC/GPC with 256 times the detection power and 50 times the dynamic range of every other RI detector for chromatography in existence today.


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Characterization of absolute molecular weights of linear, branched and cross-linked polymers and determination of the density of the degree of branching


Basque Center for Macromolecular Design and Engineering POLYMAT Fundazioa


Contact person:

Mónica Moreno Rodríguez


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