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4.0. Subsidies

Subsidy to carry out Industrial Research or Experimental Development projects, either competitive or strategic in nature, in the business sector in the Basque Country, and in the areas of specialization of the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Plan 2020.
Its purpose is to promote Industrial Cybersecurity, especially projects that address the convergence and integration of protection systems against cyber attacks for IT/OT (Information Technology / Operational Technology) environments in industrial manufacturing companies.
Basque Industry
Subsidy for Industrial Research and Experimental Development projects that involve technology transfer from technology providers to industrial companies, in the field of EICTs applied to Advanced Manufacturing, which have a demonstration effect and make it possible to accelerate the transfer of results from R&D projects on EICTs into the market.
Subsidy for maturing a business idea at a Business and Innovation Centre If the idea becomes a company, it can access favourable loans.
Bind 4.0
The world’s first accelerator that guarantees startups access to industrial customers at the highest level.
Gauzatu industria
Subsidies for the creation and development of technology-based and/or innovative SMEs. Subsidy for new investments in the following categories: Industrial property and patents, IT applications, land and natural goods, construction, technical facilities, machinery, tools and equipment for information processes.

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