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  • Realizer 250 Selective Laser Melting (SLM) 3D metal printer

    Realizer 250 Selective Laser Melting (SLM) 3D printing machine, prepared for the manufacturing of metal parts from scratch, with powder bed fusion technology, to obtain extremely complex geometries (including internal cavities and thin walls) with reasonably good accuracy and surface qualities. The maximum construction volume is 250x250 mm2 with a height of 300 mm. In addition to the machine, there is a powder-filtering, drying and storage system. The materials that can be used are various: tool steel, titanium V4, stainless steel 306L, aluminium, Inconel, etc. The installation has sensors for external pick-up of the main process parameters.


    • Memmert drying oven
    • Powder/water vacuum cleaner
    • SLM Realizer 250
    • Vibrator machine with ultrasound and filter mesh

    Fields of application

    AM process validation

    AM/3D Printing Process

    Design for AM and Digital pre-processing

    Materials for 3D/AM

    Post process

    Supporting technologies and processes


    Disseminating technology through technical or general conferences

    Disseminate additive manufacturing technology as a whole (process, machines, capacities, markets, etc.) holding theoretical-practical workshops, with the asset itself as a work tool.

    Process innovation for AM and technical-economic feasibility study of processes

    Analysis and technical-economic validation of alternative manufacturing processes to the current ones, such as additive manufacturing, both for making and repairing parts, as well as for geometric modification of existing parts. The service is developed jointly with the customer.

    Search for suppliers for part production using additive manufacturing

    After defining the industrialisation process, either using only AM technology or merged with other processes, search for suppliers for series production.

    Specific training addressed at Vocational Training teachers

    A set of educational activities related to Additive Manufacturing technology aimed at improving competences of teachers. The asset is the basic training tool.

    Specific training for company technicians through job training

    Training related to Additive Manufacturing technology aimed at technicians from companies that do currently not have the technology, and merging this technology in their production processes would bring them a competitive advantage, or at companies that already work with this technology.

    Studies of industrialisation, first series and interdependence with other processes

    - Study of the industrialisation of a new part reference or redesigned part using additive manufacturing technology. - Integration of additive manufacturing processes in the productive chains, merging them with the current processes.


    IMH - Fundación para la Formación Técnica en Máquina-Herramienta/Makina Erreminten Hezkuntza Teknikorako Fundazioa
    Contact person:
    Xabier Cearsolo Aramberri