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  • Laser laboratory for the analysis and development of solutions for additive manufacturing.

    The laser laboratory is an environment for research, development and industrial design of solutions for the Laser Metal Deposition process. With 2kW and 5kW sources, and different cladding heads, it can be used both for high precision applications (150mm spot) and for high productivity (up to 8kg / hour). It is prepared for a wide variety of materials (Inconel, Titanium, different compositions of steel, aluminum, etc.), and allows using gradients of composition to give the piece different mechanical properties (higher hardness, resistance to corrosion, thermal behavior...), in different areas of the piece. It also has a closed loop control system that allows (unlike the other existing systems) to adapt the geometry of the material provided to the most appropriate size at each point, and its use for gradients of composition. It includes the necessary equipment for the development of industrial LMD solutions, and the design of solutions for industrial implementation. The system allows the additive manufacturing of complex geometries through its 5 axes of movement, and a work volume of 300x300x300mm3.


    • 2 laser cladding heads, for high productivity, and high precision (spot size between 0.15mm to 8mm).
    • 2kW and 5kW fibre lasers.
    • 5-axis machine tool for the development of Additive Manufacturing
    • Closed loop control system, prepared to locally modify the objective geometry and adapt to the changes of composition desired

    Fields of application

    AM/3D Printing Process

    Post process

    Supporting technologies and processes


    - Integration of Additive Manufacturing in current production processes. Hybridization of processes.

    Analysis of current structure and productivity requirements and target cost. Definition of line configuration or hybrid machine according to objective specifications.

    Development and process optimization: LMD.

    Together with the client, definition of the objectives of the process regarding the specifications of the part of interest (mechanical, thermal, anticorrosion properties...) both locally, superficially or in additive manufacturing. Definition of candidate materials, and process development. Definition of part solution.

    Development of machines, technologies and productive means in Additive Manufacturing

    From the piece requirements together with the customer, customized definition of machines for additive manufacturing. Design of the productive solution. Cost analysis, productivities.

    Monitoring and control of the process.

    in the production chain. Integration of the solution for closed-loop control of the locally variable molten pool size, or customized adaptation based on the requirements of the target application.


    IDEKO S.C.
    Contact person:
    Jordi Figuereas