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  • Lab for validation and optimization of cold forging processes

    The lab, located in Miguel Altuna vocational training institute, includes facilities and different equipment to validate and /or optimize the fabrication processes of components manufactured in cold forging. The design concept is first validated by FEM simulation. Then, there are equipments to carry out real experiments where different variables can be monitorized and measured: loads, effect of lubricants , material flow, friction conditions, suitability of the tooling set, part’s transfers, etc. The trials are semi industrial so that the results are comparable with real production.


    • FEM simulation software. Simufact. Forge.
    • Multistage progressive cold forging press
    • Screw press for hot forging.
    • Thread rolling machines

    Fields of application

    Design and development of materials

    Manufacturing processes


    Analysys of features of lubricant systems in cold forging processes

    Evaluation of the performance of different lubricants in cold forging operations with different materials. The influence of different additives is evaluated in means of loads, material flow and roughness.

    Modelization of cold forging processes

    Optimization of designs and processes through numerical simulation. Material’s modelization for cold forging. Prediction of potential defects. Evaluation of stress state of the tooling.

    Study of the forjability of different materials

    Study of forjability at room temperature of allowed steels, stainless steels and aluminum alloys in industrial presses

    Validation of complex cold forging operation

    Trial of complex forging operations in real conditions, either in a single operation or multi stage, validating the tooling set and process concept. The design of the production sequence could be optimized by the customer or within the service.


    Tknika Centro de Investigación e Innovación de la Formación Profesional de País Vasco.
    Contact person:
    Jon Mirena Labaka