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Cell for research dry carbon fiber composites manufacturing


Cell for research in advanced manufacturing of composites based on dry fiber fabrics. The cell is composed by test benches for cutting processes and ultrasonic spot welding processes, preforming equipment, Hot Drape Forming and automated prototype for preforming by means of universal mold. It also has the necessary equipment, pumps, heating equipment, to develop liquid molding processes such as infusion and resin transfer molding (RTM). The cell has wide capacity for real time process monitoring, measuring forces, temperatures and degree of curing by of dielectric analysis (DEA). Finally, the final composite part characterization can be carried out in this cell in terms of porosity by means of ultrasound technologies and fiber content by means of acid digestion and / or pyrolysis.


Resin transfer modeming (RTM) equipment (from 0 to 6bar injection pressure) +

Equipment to work in the molding by RTM with thermosetting resins

High temperature (up to 200ºC) hot drape forming machine (Up to 3000mm length, 1300mm width and 350mm high). +

Machine cable to apply heat and vacuum pressure by means of a high temperature deformable membrane. Its dimensions allow manufacturing demonstrators of aeronautical structural parts

NDT equipment +

Ultrasound inspection tools. Conventional and phased array transducers. (Olimpus Focus PX). Eddy current equipment. Monitoring systems (Olympus Omniscan NX).

Ultrasound spot welding equipment with time, stress and temperature monitoring +

Dry carbon fiber fabrics with binder or veil, currently the most used in the aeronautical sector can be welded locally applying pressure and ultrasonic vibration by melting the veil or the binder. This equipment is able to parameterize this process to be able to incorporate devices of this type in automatic lay up heads.

Automated stiffeners preforming equipment by means of universal mould (1200mm length and 150mm width) +

Equipment able to parameterize the process of forming stiffeners by universal mold





Contact person:

Javier Vallejo


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