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  • Integration of Inspection systems in robotic solutions

    Inside dynamic manufacturing systems, robotic inspection systems allow the automatized superficial inspection of pieces, reducing inspection times and increasing production. What is more, the automatization of the inspection provides inspections of higher quality and eliminates the possible subjectivity arising in manual inspections like dye testing and magnetic particle testing. The automated inspection cell is aimed to the application of active thermography. It has a Kuka KR30HA that has the possibility of changing the elements of the head. A laser or an inductor can be put together with different thermographic cameras. There are two low power lasers of 808 nm and 1064 nm respectively. It also has a 3KW induction generator, which depending on the surface to be inspected can give very good results. The inspection trajectories are defined using the CAD-CAM Tebis. Moreover, all the processing and the algorithms related to automatic detection are externally programmed using python. The cell can be provided with the TIC infrastructure needed to communicate and receive information with logical platforms based on Big Data Concepts and Flexible Manufacturing. In particular the following elements can be integrated: (i) The following IoT communication protocols: OPC-UA, MQTT y AMPQ. (ii) Interchange of information with other machines using industrial communication protocols (Profibus, Profinet) or even M2M if a middleware is installed with that purpose (based on Apache Camel for example). This transforms the inspection cell in a really interesting asset since it can be integrated in MES systems in flexible manufacturing lines with the aim of optimizing the cicles and the available resources. (iii) Directly with databases (SQL and ODBC). Moreover, there is a wide knowledge and equipment in UltraSounds applied as an inspection technique. In what refers to normatives, the cell has Class 1 isolation for the use of laser systems. It hasn’t any problems regarding environment or energetic efficiency.


    • 8 axis robotic system
    • Equipamiento termográfico
    • itVis induction generator
    • Lasers
    • Software

    Fields of application

    Quality control with robots


    Advanced Materials Inspection

    Automatization of the inspection of composites in manufacturing processes and in the inspection of advanced materials employed in joining processes.

    Collaboration and Coworking

    Get industrial companies closer to the opportunities derived from the robotic technologies in what refers to inspection and quality control. New business oportunities. Collaboration with interntational networks known for their excellence.

    Inspection in flexible manufacturing systems

    Inspection in flexible manufacturing systems Consideration of inspection systems in: (i) Flexible manufacturing production and intelligent manufacturing. (ii) Production data handling in management software. (iii) Monitoring systems integrated in the production system with the aim of achieving unitary traceability.

    Prototyping of Inspection Systems

    Validation tests of real robotic inspection systems with the aim of getting information of the limiting parameters: sensibility, cycle time, etc. Prototyting and test under industrial conditions using new inspection technologies.


    Training of technicians and operators on the new robot based industrial inspection systems.


    Contact person:
    Eider Gorostegui