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  • Flexible robotic cell for manipulation and collaborative work

    The main asset is a Mitshubishi PA10 robot with the modified controller. This modification has consisted in the installation of a force sensor and the replacement of the manufacturer's controller by a B&R-based PLC that has a G-code (open) interpreter. This fact, with the fact that the PA10 robot is an arm with 7 joints, makes it a platform where almost any scenario of robotization can be tested (position control, force/torque control, traditional robotics, collaborative robotics, emulation of machining processes using a CNC, studies of accessibility in redundant manipulators arms, etc.). However, this asset has been conceptualized to be presented, without being incompatible with the use described in the previous paragraph, as a flexible robot with which different typical operations of manipulation can be tested, such as: bin picking / pick and place or helps the operator (in collaborative mode) to perform some task such as product assembly or tool positioning. For the collaborative mode, virtual reality or augmented reality tools can be used for human-machine interaction (operator guided, monitoring the status of the stations in real time,...). This cell has the ability to test and validate technologies in which the client may be interested since it is versatile enough to test different configurations and study the feasibility of a particular technology. This characteristic of versatility allows configuring the process with the required stations, as well as the technology to be used in each station. The cell is completed with a small portable Denso robot for layout studies, collaboration between two robots and / or collision management between mobile elements of the cell.


    • Denso robot model VP-6242G2-S1 (clean room class)
    • Industrial robot: Mitsubishi PA10 (in 2015 it was modified to give it collaborative robot functionalities) with a 6-axis force/torque sensor
    • Industrial vision: several cameras, optics, and 3D laser scanners
    • PLCs from several manufacturers (B&R, Beckhoff, Siemens, Rockwell)
    • VR/AR: HTC Vive and Microsoft Hololens

    Fields of application

    Advanced manipulation with robots

    Flexibility for robotic applications

    Manufacture and assembly of components by robots


    Technical feasibility analysis

    Demonstrator/showroom, evaluate technologies, analyze technical feasibility, technical training in collaborative robotics, conceptual design of innovative robotic solutions, automation of complex operations through robotics, applications of collaborative robotics, development of simulation applications, programming and control of robotic systems, manipulation of objects (bin-picking and “pick&place), assembly of sets, dynamic trajectory planning avoiding unforeseen obstacles.


    Contact person:
    Diego Borro Yágüez