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  • Connectivity and Technical Interoperability for the IIoT field

    This logic active, of transversal application, pretends to provide to the machines/installations of Additive Manufacturing, the level of CONNECTIVITY demanded in the Industry 4.0 field, covering aspects of data transport (physical media and communication protocols), but also TECHNICAL INTEROPERABILITY – via APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), between the different functional modules (sensorization, local data processing, data ingestion, stream processing, batch processing, data storage, analytics, data presentation, …) that make up the Industry 4.0-oriented platforms. Technical interoperability deals with purely technical aspects of interoperability such as transmission protocols and data exchange formats between the functional modules. This active propose a Reference Architecture structured in three layers ((Machine, Edge and Cloud), specially oriented to guarantee the response time (latency) and the level of security/privacy required by the services provided in each of the above layers. The elasticity of the architecture facilitates its application in use cases of Additive Manufacturing such as: monitoring and remote control, condition-based maintenance, automation of decision-making at operational level, quality control online, etc. This architecture refers to: a) physical means of communication: Ethernet, xDSL, Wifi, Bluetooth/BLE, ZigBee, GPRS, 3G/4G, SIGFOX, LORA, NB-IoT, … , b) Communication Protocols: OPC-UA, Modbus, HTTPS, Web Services, REST, CoAP, MQTT, …, y c) APIs to integrate functional modules: NIFI, KURA, VAGRANT, ANSIBLE, APACHE SPARK, APACHE CASSANDRA, APACHE ZEPPELIN, ...


    • Cloud level connectivity
    • Edge level connectivity
    • Machine level connectivity


    IIoT Technical Interoperability

    Technology transfer in Industry 4.0 scenarios through the joint development of monitoring, control and predictive maintenance projects in the context of Additive Manufacturing. It complements the Connectivity service with Technical Interoperability aspects -via APIs, in order to integrate the functional modules (software components) required by services.

    Techinal connectivity

    Technology Transfer (collaboration with the client) in the field of IIoT connectivity directed towards the implementation of infrastructures/platforms oriented to Additive Manufacturing. It focuses on Machine-Edge-Cloud connectivity aspects.

    Technical Interoperability and Connectivity demonstrators

    Presentation of Machine, Edge and Cloud level connectivity demonstrators based on the most widely used IIoT communication protocols, and the technical interoperability APIs of the most relevant functional modules in the field of Industry 4.0.

    Education, training, experimentation

    Education, training and experimentation around the potential of the Reference Architecture in order to facilitate the process of creating infrastructure/platforms in the field of Additive Manufacturing. Aspects related to the implementation of the most relevant communication protocols (OPC-UA, REST, MQTT and Coap), and with the integration through APIs (technical interoperability) of the most popular functional modules: Data transport ( Nifi), Edge Computing (Kura), ingest and Data Control (KAPUA), real-time processing (spark steaming, Storm), batch processing (HDFS, Elastic, Influxdb, Spark Analytics), serving Layer (Apache Zepelin, Traefik), cluster Management (Mesos, Jenkins , Docker, Sonarcube, git), virtual machines (VirtualBox), cloud providers (AWS, Azure) will be considered.


    Contact person:
    Lorenzo Manero Peláez