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  • Composite materials simulation and manufacturing processes laboratory

    Manufacturing processes for composite fiberglass, carbon, aramid materials - manual vacuum manufacturing - infusion manufacturing - manufacture of composites with low temperature pre-preg outside autoclave - manufacture of thermoplastic composites with membrane press - manufacture of SMC/BMC composites with compression moulding Analysis with finite elements of composite materials: - FEMAP w/NX Nastran software - PAM COMPOSITES software Mould design and manufacture for composites: - Solid Works, Solid Edge - CNC machining centre - 3D printer to manufacture Ultem and PC moulds Characterisation of physical-chemical properties: - % fibre/resin - TGA - Tg, Tm - mechanical properties


    • 3D Stratasys inprimagailuak: Fortus eta Object
    • Equipment to manufacture composites with infusion
    • FEMAP w/NX Nastran AND PAM COMPOSITES simulation softwares
    • Membrane Press for thermoforming
    • TGA (Thermogravimetric analysis) and DSC (Differential scanning calorimetry)

    Fields of application

    Manufacturing processes


    Manufacture of composite prototypes by infusion and RTM (Cijet One).

    Ongoing manufacture of fiber composite parts, manufacture of first prototypes for end-client validation. Manufacturing processes: infusion, RTM.

    Manufacture of prototype moulds for composites, PolyJet J700 and FDM Fortus 450 technologies (composite tooling and sacrificial composite tooling)

    Design and manufacture of prototype moulds to later be used in manufacturing composite parts. The moulds can be made of thermoplastic or thermoset resin, ant they are manufactured by 3D printing.

    Metallic and cast resin mold manufacturing for composites by 5 axes machining

    Design and manufacture of molds for later use in the manufacture of composite parts, metal molds, wood or resin manufactured by 5-axis machining.

    Simulation of manufacturing process and mechanical properties of composite parts

    Simulation of manufacturing process and/or structural properties of composite parts, depending on the type and direction of reinforcements.


    Tknika Centro de Investigación e Innovación de la Formación Profesional de País Vasco.
    Contact person:
    Jon Mirena Labaka