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  • Cell for research on large size parts grinding

    Cell for research and development acrivities in high-performance grinding processes for medium-large dimension pieces with high added value in sectors such as aeronautics, railways and energy. Composed by a horizontal cylindrical grinding machine equipped with a double rotating head, a multidiameter measuring system with high flexibility and precision. A second machine in the cell is a vertical multitasking cylindrical grinding machine, with capacity for hard turning, cylindrical grinding of inner and outer diameters and face grinding, as well as an in-process measurement system. The cell is completed with a mobile column multitasking machine with capacities for milling, turning and grinding, equipped with a robotic magazine with up to 150 tools. The cell is completely monitored for the measurement of vibrations, forces, temperatures, in addition to the working parameters. This monitoring data are transferred to the cloud platform from which the monitoring parameters are processed and analyzed, and is complemented by simulation models of the behavior of the three units that compose it. The operation of the three units is carried out through a specific proprietary HMI for grinding. The cell is also equipped with systems for non-destructive inspection (NDT) through ultrasonic, eddy current and active thermography technologies. It has the ability to design specific sensors for applications and parts of interest, so that in addition to standard verification of the results of the processes studied and the rectified parts, customized solutions can be developed and tested.


    • DANOBAT HG72-3000 grinding machine
    • DANOBAT VG800 vertical grinding machine
    • DoGrind
    • Non Destructive Testing
    • SORALUCE FMT4000 multitasking machine


    Research on new grinding processes and special grinding cycles

    Design and testing of new special grinding cycles for parts of high value and complexity: new materials, process conditions, lubrication. Testing of special grinding cycles: non round shapes, curvics, thread elimination, smooth cycles

    Research on the behavior of new advanced components: grinding wheels, cooling systems, measurement systems, special heads, dressing systems

    Testing, evaluation and validation of components of grinding machines: new wheel compositions (superabrasive, carbon fiber bodies, conventional high speed wheels), cooling systems and elements, machine-integrated measurement and inspection systems, dressing systems.

    Tests on special production conditions for particular parts

    Definition and design of new cycles that provide productive advantages to parts of special complexity

    Training and updating of specialists

    Specialized training courses for new professionals and for updating professionals to new technologies.


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