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  • Cartesian robot for scanning and Zero-Defect manufacturing with M3 software

    Vulkan is a Cartesian robot for measuring, scanning and digitizing parts. Innovalia, thus contributes to enhance the ZDM concept and ensure quality control in manufacturing and production. In the current manufacturing processes, the quality control systems are carried out once the piece is finished. In this way, it is not possible to make corrections of possible deviations during the production process, causing the rejection of the part if it does not comply with some of the established tolerances and requirements. With the integration of the Vulkan asset in the manufacturing process, the piece is monitored and there are more precise and current references of its production cycle. In this way, the process control is increased and the reprocessing of the parts is reduced. Thanks to the Vulkan, an optimum level of quality is guaranteed by inspecting the production and performing a dimensional control of the parts with the robot and 3D scanning. It is a horizontal arm machine with a high rigidity structure. M3 Software High performance software for the capture and analysis of point clouds. M3 solves the complex process of scanning and managing point clouds in an agile, powerful and simple way. Geometry extraction systems The data processing operation, acquired through the scanning system, includes the importation of point clouds, reduction of noise in the captured data and the reduction of the number of points. These tasks are performed using a range of predefined filters. This process also allows combining multiple sets of scanned data. The results of their processing are clouds of combined points, clean and in a suitable format.


    • Head with contact tip
    • M3 server
    • M3 software
    • OptiScan optical sensor
    • Vulkan Gage


    Analysis of results

    Thanks to the Innovalia M3 Software, the deviations of the manufactured component can be analysed in great detail with respect to the original design thanks to the study of the acquired point cloud. Through M3 Analytics, which is a SPC software for the analysis and improvement of production, a statistical analysis of the metrological information and the process data presented in reports is carried out to know the production status.

    Measurement and quality control with robot

    With the Vulkan can be carried out various solutions related to surface scanning, reverse engineering, measurement of high precision surface characteristics, measurement of high precision geometric characteristics and measurement of deformable parts.

    Point cloud analysis

    Innovalia also develops high performance software for the capture and analysis of point clouds. Among its advantages it stands out that it is compatible with various 3D measuring devices, it is multisensor (same workflow for optical and contact measurement) and it is very easy to use (it starts to work in a few minutes).


    On-site courses for practical training in dimensional control solutions in hybrid technology and subsequent analysis of results.


    Contact person:
    Alicia González Cabestreros