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The Smart and Connected Machines Node has assets and offers services for different manufacturing processes.

DIGITAL GRINDING. Grinding is a manufacturing process of special criticality. It combines the technological complexity of the process with the responsibility associated with the high demand for quality and final precision of the process and the fact that it is usually the last process in the manufacturing chain, which ensures the final quality of the manufactured parts. In addition, the products that require the quality of a grinding are high performance and high added value products. All these factors make the machines and grinding solutions special value-added products and label of competitiveness and prestige in the Manufacturing sector.

The achievement of the demanding requirements of quality, integrity, reliability and productivity associated with grinding requires a combination of knowledge about different technologies that must concur in integrative solutions: knowledge about the behavior of machines and components, materials and their interactions, thermal and dynamic phenomena, fundamentals of dressing and grinding processes are necessary to configure a grinding solution.

The Digital Grinding Node's mission is to collect and coordinate the knowledge and assets of the main agents that develop their activity in the areas of knowledge associated to grinding, configuring a multidisciplinary distributed space in which Basque companies, in particular SMEs, find answers to their concerns and needs for knowledge, development and demonstration in the field of grinding, covering its multiple variants: cylindrical, surface, centerless, vertical, horizontal, different types of workpiece materials, grinding wheels and coolants.

Fields of Application

We provide companies with infrastructure,
equipment and knowledge

Technological-economic advice

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  • Need Analysis
  • 360 vision technological assessment
  • Collaboration & coworking
  • Technological Prospective & State of the Art
  • Technological Analysis
  • Economic viability Analysis
  • Proof of Concept

Design, prototyping
and validation

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  • Conceptual Design
  • Simulation, solution architecture
  • Safety Analysis
  • Prototyping, programming and experimental validation
  • Technological transfer for industrialisation

and Training

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  • Showroom
  • Training Workshops (<1 day)
  • Training (+ 1 day)

Fields of Application

Improvement of Industrial grinding processes

Improvement of Industrial grinding processes

Services related to the use of node assets for the testing of process parameters in order to improve existing processes, in the different variants that the available assets allow: horizontal and vertical cylindrical grinding, surface grinding and centerless grinding.

  • Tests on special production conditions for particular parts
  • Search for optimum grinding parameters for industrial applications
  • Use of the asset as a test bench for the performance of experimental tests
  • Research in super abrasive machining
  • Research in multitasking machining
  • Correlation studies of machining process parameters and component integrity (and life)
  • Study of the effect of the lubricant on the application
  • Effect of cooling on tribo-thermo-mechanical grinding behaviour
  • Efficiency and durability of grinding fluids and grinding wheels
  • Ensuring surface integrity


New grinding processes
Testing and validation of grinding machines and components
Testing and verification of parts pre and post grinding
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