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  • 5 axis hybrid multiprocess center (machining + LMD): ZVH Add+Process

    High productivity 5 axis ZVH 45/1600 Add+Process Multiprocess machining center from Ibarmia manufacturer, with moving column and tilting head, for turning in horizontal (ø=750mm) and vertical (ø=1100mm) plates, machining in 5 axis with A+B and B+C and additive manufacturing by LMD-powder technolgy. The X/Y/Z and B axis courses are of 1600/800/900 and +105º (+45º with LMD head) respectively. Toolpath programming and simulation in the commercial Powermill® CAM software. Measuring of manufactured part by structured light technology.


    • 4-stream YC52 LMD head from Precitec manufacturer
    • Laser Source FL030 MM(FFC/FFS) 3kW fiber laser from Rofin manufacturer with a refrigeration system from Lotec manufacturer
    • Machining center ZVH Multiprocess 45/1600 Add+Process from Ibarmia manufacturer
    • Structured Light technology cameras for parts measurement
    • Thermographic camera OPTRIS (Temperature of 1000-2000ºC)

    Fields of application

    AM Digital Chain.

    AM process validation

    AM/3D Printing Process

    Materials for 3D/AM

    Post process

    Supporting technologies and processes


    Advice during development and validation of new products for additive manufacturing

    Integration, evaluation and advice in the improvement of new equipment, sensors and accessories for additive manufacturing by LMD (3D measurement scanners, LMD heads, postprocessors, simulation tools, etc.).

    Coating by LMD (laser Cladding)

    Optimization of process parameters, material selection for improvement of properties (hardness, wear resistance, etc.) of areas subjected to high wear.

    Development of databases and geometric models for LMD

    Development of databases and models that relate the characteristics of the added material (geometry) with the monitored process parameters.

    Feasibility analysis of manufacturing of parts by hybrid manufacturing (LMD+machining)

    Optimization of part manufacturing through combination of machining and LMD processes. Development of toolpaths and manufacturing of a demonstrator part.

    Feature addition or 3D part manufacturing by LMD and finishing

    Parameters optimization, toolpath programming and simulation, 3D part manufacturing or feature addition, finishing by machining and part measuring.

    Recovery and repairing of high value-added parts

    Defect detection by structured light technology, restructuring of the part by machining, laser cladding and finishing. Capability of automating the entire repairing/recovery process

    Support in the design of parts

    To give support in the redesign of the parts that are going to be manufactured by LMD

    Testing and validation of new powder materials

    Powder characterization, evaluation of the processability of new powders by means of the LMD technology, characterization of metallurgical/mechanical properties that are obtained when processing by LMD, search of optimum LMD parameters for processing the powder.


    Practical training in the LMD process and machine management.


    Contact person:
    Alfredo Suarez