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  • 3D Printing Filament Manufacturing Unit

    Manufacturing unit and adaptation of thermoplastic compounds for 3D printing, formats: 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm diameter filaments and pellets. The Unit has capacity for the elaboration of experimental batches between 200 grams and 20 Kg / day, of rigid and elastomeric thermoplastic, reinforced composites, nanocomposites, biomaterials and high temperature thermoplastics (up to 380 ºC of fusion temperature).


    • Granulator system
    • Industrial fused filament printer 3NTR A2
    • Micrompounder DSM Explore
    • Pilot extrusion line
    • Single extruder

    Fields of application

    AM Digital Chain.

    AM process validation

    AM/3D Printing Process

    Design for AM and Digital pre-processing

    Materials for 3D/AM

    Post process

    Supporting technologies and processes


    Design and product development through FFF / FDM technology

    Design and manufacturing models, parts, inserts and tools through 3D printing with FDM technology. Development and evaluation of printed molds in processes of thermoplastics and composites transformation.

    Development of new 3D printing polymeric materials

    Customized formulation of pellets and filaments of 3D printing of 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm of diameter. Adaptation of thermoplastic compounds in 3D printing filaments. Definition of product and process technical sheets. Determination of the qualitative and quantitative composition of 3D printing materials.

    Evaluation of emissions toxicity

    Study of in vitro toxicity and ex vivo models (digestive tract, lung, heart, brain ...) of nanoparticle emissions (collected in situ) in 3D printing processes. Preparation of protocols.

    Optimization of process parameters

    Optimum adjustment of the process parameters, and chemical, morphological, physical, microstructural, mechanical and fire behavior according to standards (ISO, UNE, ASTM, DIN, BS). Application of post-treatments and elaboration of processes guides and 3D printing protocols for materials and final parts.

    Sustainability and recyclability evaluation

    Evaluation of the additive manufacturing process sustainability through Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), environmental and economic methodologies. Development and implementation of recycling systems.


    Contact person:
    José Luis Gómez Alonso