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Basque Industry 4.0 is a move towards the incorporation of intelligent systems into production plants, the improved use of emerging capabilities and technologies in new products and processes, the integration of advanced materials into higher added-value solutions and improved processes, and the efficiency and sustainability of resources and integration of high added-value services.

The advanced manufacturing strategy is a priority area
of the Smart Specialization Strategy RIS3 Euskadi.

Its implementation is carried out through
public-private cooperation led by the Steering Group.


To strengthen the position of the Basque Country as an economy with an industrial base
through the promotion of knowledge intensive manufacturing.

Strategic Objectives


Added Value

To help and guide Basque companies towards more knowledge intensive manufacturing activities which have greater added value


Integration of KETs

To promote multi-disciplinary and technological convergence in a structured way so as to develop best-in-class manufacturing capacities and solutions while optimizing existing resources


Global value
chains– Cluster 2.0

To integrate local and international value chains international value chains to meet the challenges of Advanced Manufacturing using the sum of the particular capacities of each sector and its companies


Scaling Up

To foster collaboration and support as a catalyst for the industrialization of the results of R+D+i in Advanced Manufacturing



To support education and job training in technologies and management systems related to Advanced Manufacturing

Technological priorities

The commitment to technological development in advanced manufacturing
is crucial to maintain the competitiveness of the industry
and to ensure positioning in market niches with greater added value

Advanced materials &
  • Nanomaterials
  • Joining technologies for advanced materials
  • Automatized composites manufacturing
  • Efficient processes for materials
  • Advanced surface tecnologies
  • Life Cycle Assessment
Intelligent, Flexible & eficient,
production systems
  • Smart supply chain
  • Hybrid & multitasking machinery
  • Smart Production Systems
  • Data management systems
  • Integrated monitoring systems
  • Intuitive & multimodal programming
  • Human in the Loop
  • M2M Communication
Digital & Connected
  • Virtual Factory
  • Predictive maintenance systems
  • Integrated inspection & measurement
  • Unitary level traceability
  • Real-time data services
  • Energy management tools
  • Energy consumption monitoring systems
  • Energy recovery systems

Digital Innovation Hub

What is this?

The BDIH Connected network of advanced manufacturing assets and services. Infrastructure for training, research, testing and validation available for companies.


More than 100 assets

The meeting point

The Basque Industry 4.0 Conference is a multidisciplinary event where strategy, opinions, technology, experiences and workshops are combined and networking is promoted, making it suitable for companies in any sector.

20-21 November 2019

4.0. Subsidies

Find financing here to develop your project. We open doors for you to access specific 4.0 subsidies.